Time Stand Still

I miss your dances

The way the beat and you would move me

Division can’t relieve the hurt

Nor can time dissolve the love I feel

Let me come home

I miss you so


In over my head

Wasted time and gray clouds

Your song washes over and through me

Always with me

Rain comes, often at night

Evaporates at day

But the thick air remains

How I miss you


So I’ll reach my hands to Heaven and pray

That though I deeply miss you

Your face and heart will stay

Your tender breath, your warm caress

Burn away the darkness


Lay a whisper on my pillow

Leave winter on the ground

Keep summer in our hearts


But with each dusk, with each dawn 

Silence all around

The air longs to crackle from the spill of your laughter

To glow with the radiance of your beauty

Deliquescent in its ardor


Every second is a hollow step

Every moment a privation in your absence 

Though recollection brings me closer to you

nearer to holding your hand

Nigh to your embrace


Memory kindles my longing

But deep in my heart

 Tme stands still

Love Is . . .

At once proud and unfailing

Strength in times of weakness

Forgiveness in moments of hurt

Missing and yearning

Release without the slightest expectation of return

Of equal power in apotheosis and to-your-knees anguish

Forever, immovable hope



Love is many things, but most of all . . . you.


Ex nihilo – out of nothing

From a once formless void something stirs, activity upon an inner primordial sea

Hubris unintended slowly reveals itself

The arrogant act of self-deception

Of thinking you know all about yourself


Creation begins

Eyes slowly open, and along with them the mind

Followed closely by the heart

Newfound knowledge takes tender root

One begins to realize, gradually, gently

That the mistaken lesser man is becoming better for her presence


Birth anew, a warm metamorphosis

A soul once cool and settled glows and melts

Enchanted by moments, enriched by her very self

Beguiled as a man can be by latent angels

Made greater only because of her.



Sacred geometry, the divine , the ethereal properties and affinities of our inner selves. One higher point reaching, straining to bridge with another. Elevated, and from such a vantage point only love can understand the shifting landscape below.

Heaven will only know what only my eyes can say, for they have watched you sleeping, beauty faithful to nature’s graces. Peer beyond the aqueous lens, stare unblinking through my pupils and witness that which sets my heart aloft.

One kiss is all it took to bring me here. One breathless rush of warmth and velvet.

One glimpse . . .

One proof of mortal angels . . .

One apparition of Cytherean adoration . . .

One true woman


I Will Love You Anyhow

I took a cold, hard look at the way we live

and how it’s so hard to forgive.

When you cannot see beyond a doubt

I will love you anyhow

Honey we have cried these tears before

But we never closed the door on the dream we shared

When we started out

Didn’t you love me anyhow?

Wasn’t that love that got us through?

You can count on me, I could always count on you

When your faith is lost and can’t be found

I will love you anyhow

People change, as they often do

Has that much changed between me and you?

If your hope is gone in your darkest hour

I will love you anyhow

I never took a vow I meant to break

Lord we both made our mistakes

It’d be a foolish thing to give up now

Honey, I love you anyhow

Wasn’t that love that got us through?

You could count on me, I could always count on you

‘Til they bury me in the cold, hard ground

I will love you anyhow

I will love you anyhow


Remind Me


With the touch of a featherInto the night, reckless we go, filled with dreams of undefined illusion. The cloaked side of Heaven sparkles overhead, winking reminders to those who think and feel, that dawn will be soon enough.

We sometimes toss aside pretense while still wearing our armor, cautious yet still wanting, needing, for someone to see us for who we are, not what we are. Beneath the counterfeit shell we push aside the best advice of fools, step foot where our better angels dare not follow us—in the wrong light we may let our passions fulfill our demands.

Even the extremity of rationale may go unheeded. The clarion call of reason duped by the vanity of that which our eyes tell us we see.. What we truly crave is the touch of intangibility, the curve and flow of words caught upon the voice of intrigue; colloquy serves the true tenderness of night.

Please assure me there is more to be had than the value of our rusted armor . . .

Grant me some partial solace, a respite from all the dark falsity weaving tangled threads just outside our vision . . .

Allow me to delight in the unfolding story of something true . . .

Remind me, in the manner only you can, that while love is universal it is something unique to the night shared by the right person—and greater still when the sun arises.


Miss Her

Equivalent to the caustic sting of a paper cut; I have decided, for the
moment, in this ante moridiem consciousness, this is how best to describe my
self-inflicted misgivings.

It stings without being lethal. This wound burns for a couple of days, foaming at
each provocational thought I drip into its cellular chasm. Somewhere between
fallacious and stupid is the true ground I want beneath my feet, but conceit
weaves its pallid spell upon me, so much so that even my better angels cannot
lift me from the mire.

A mortal singularity to myself, my own worst enemy. I am the best saboteur I
know. Afraid to inquire, frightened of her response. Easier to embolden my own
pathetic rationales than to summon the courage to simply seek the answer.

I don’t want to lose her. Don’t want to know her voice as only remnants of
viscous memories.

Presently feeble in rectitude. The heart lays helpless while ego steps upon its

A hair-thin line of crimson darkens within the cleft.

I miss her.

Dear Beautiful

Dear Beautiful,

It has been far too long since I heard your laughter—now it is but the remnants of the sigh whispered among pines. Above those same treetops I once floated, aloft on feelings I had not known in so very long. The same clouds I once frequented held the lot of my aspirations . . . now they fall from their once glorious perch and all my hopes go down the drain.

We knew the inherent dangers, the risks to intangible yet concrete emotions and sensations . . .

Yet we both saw the greater good in one another, both felt what must surely be the lightness of angels. We never misconstrued passion for mere warmth, never compromised our truths to appease creeping fears. Our connection was unmistakable, beautiful proof that neither of us had feet of stone or hearts of clay.

How I deeply miss your smile. I feel ashen in the absence of your presence. You are the best of Eve, the genuine and divine beauty which affords the least gracious of us the experience of melting, at once inspired and exalted by your innate grace, your depth of caring.

My good fortune has been to be cloaked by your ghost, haunted from my sense of loss, for if I had never met you then I would not possibly have known how capable I was of loving.